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Puppy ClassObedience Level 1Obedience Level 2Obedience Level 3
General Information
This information applies to all our courses.
Puppy Class
This class is for dogs 3 to 6 months of age.
  • socialization with other dogs and other people
  • addressing common behaviour problems(house breaking, nipping, jumping up, crate training etc.)
  • sit/down
  • sit/down stay
  • come on command
  • walk nicely on leash
  • imprinting on attention and retrieving
  • introduction to agility obstacles to help build confidence and teamwork
Obedience Level 1
This class is for dogs 7 months and older that have completed puppy class or have some basic skills in obedience.
  • random sits/downs
  • sit/down stay at a distance with distractions
  • come and sit in front
  • stand
  • introduction to heeling
  • attention with mild distractions
  • imprinting retrieves
  • introduction/continue to build confidence and teamwork through agility obstacles
Obedience Level 2
This class is for dogs all dogs and owners of all ages that wish to expand on all exercises learned from the previous classes.
  • heeling with automatic sits
  • sit/down stay off leash with distractions
  • turns while heeling (left, right, about, circles)
  • call to heel position
  • retrieving with front
  • come on command with front
  • stand/stay
  • finish (left or right)
  • minor agility sequencing
Obedience Level 3
This class is for dogs and owners wishing to fine tune all aspects of their training.
  • attention with distraction
  • sit/down stay out of sight
  • formal recall with finish
  • heeling (1/4 turns, 360 turns, left about turns, figure 8, off leash control, footwork)
  • sit/down in motion
  • stand for exam
Puppy ClassObedience Level 1Obedience Level 2Obedience Level 3

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