Zorra County K-9 Motivational Dog Training
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Training Tips

  • Timing is Crucial
    • You want to be sure that you reward the dog for the correct behaviour.

  • Keep It Short
    • Puppies have short attention spans so keep training brief.
  • Stay Positive
    • Always end on a positive note.

  • Watch Your Mood
    • Never train when you are angry.  You will regret it.
  • Make it Fun
    • Make training fun.
    • Try to be upbeat and animated.

  • Train Every Day
    • Dogs learn through repetition.
    • Make a training schedule and stick to it.
    • Train when your puppy is hungry so they will be more motivated by your treats.
    • Socialize your puppy with other dogs and people.
Cathy and Camaro

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